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01.10.2019 BKA Artist-in-Residence, Tokyo (JP)
14.11.2018 Il Migliore Ragù Del Mondo, Domus Arte, Paliano (IT)
01.10.2018 Es, Ich, Ueber-Ich - Rua do Sol, Porto (PT) curated w/José Oliveira
26.04.2018 Hard Rock Cafe Pyong Yang - Neuer Kunstverein, Ravensburg (GER)
31.08.2018 BregenzBiennale2018 (Ende August, Anfang September) (AT)
25.02.2018 Cinema Shiro - New Delhi Art Book Fair (IND)
22.02.2018 Cinema Shiro - BYOFF Festival, Puri (IND)
01.02.2018 The Varanasi Suspension of Disbelief - Kriti Gallery, Varanasi (IND)
15.12.2017 Jogo de Ténis de Mesa ao som de Keith Jarrett - C.C.O.P., Porto (PT)
15.11.2017 Try to imagine all the ideas you never had (and other works) - Galerie Lisi Haemmerle, Bregenz (AT)
07.11.2017 Publishing as an Artistic Toolbox - Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna (AT)
28.10.2017 The Catalogue is the Answer - Florence Loewy, Paris (FR)

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